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Why everyone with IBD should be offered therapy

Posted: March 29 2021

By Jenna Farmer. When I think back to the day I received a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, there are a few memories that stick out in my mind. The doctor handing me medication without really explaining what it was. Googling Crohn’s disease in my sedated, half-awake state, because I really knew nothing about the disease. Mostly, […]

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Personal Story

‘After my inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis, no one could’ve prepared me for life as a sick mom

Posted: February 24 2021

By Brooke Abbott, as told to Alison Goldman The first time I saw my son crawl at around 6 months old, he was moving across my hospital bed. I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, 20 months before my son was born, but this was the moment I truly realized just how […]

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Personal Story

‘Invisible and isolating’: Lauren Beasley’s battle with Crohn’s disease

Posted: December 14 2020

The Silver Sands resident has been locked in a fight with the inflammatory bowel disease for the past two years, and as she describes, it has all but brought her life to a standstill. In that time she’s gone from energetic retail worker to unemployed and often bedridden, with both the financial and physical impacts […]

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