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Early, tight control of Crohn’s disease may have lasting benefits

Posted: October 26 2020

Early approaches to treatment of Crohn’s disease followed a step-up algorithm in which the newer medications would only be used if the patient did not benefit from established therapies. This sequential approach — termed step therapy — has more recently been called into question, as studies have repeatedly shown that the newer drugs for Crohn’s […]

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The association between inflammatory potential of diet and disease activity

Results from a cross-sectional study in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Abstract Background Diet may play a role in disease status in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. We tested whether the inflammatory potential of diet, based on a summation of pro- and anti-inflammatory nutrients, is associated with disease activity in patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Methods Participants completed a disease activity questionnaire (short Crohn’s […]

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