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Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville to take three months off after ‘serious’ health scare

Posted: March 1 2021

By Caroline Schelle Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville announced the leave period in a statement on Saturday, explaining she has been in hospital since last week as a result of Crohn’s disease. “The clear advice from my doctors is if I don’t take this period of rest and recovery I will be faced […]

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Personal Story

‘Invisible and isolating’: Lauren Beasley’s battle with Crohn’s disease

Posted: December 14 2020

The Silver Sands resident has been locked in a fight with the inflammatory bowel disease for the past two years, and as she describes, it has all but brought her life to a standstill. In that time she’s gone from energetic retail worker to unemployed and often bedridden, with both the financial and physical impacts […]

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Personal Story

Why I’m striving to change the healthcare experience for black and brown people with IBD

Posted: December 1 2020

I was really tired. I thought I could stop the bleeding like I had in the past — eat more kale. Yes, I thought it was that simple. In the past, when I noticed bleeding from my rectum, I would go on a heavily green diet and the bleeding would go away. As a child, […]

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Having a chronic illness helped me prepare for the uncertainty of the pandemic

Posted: November 23 2020

By Bridget Shirvell.  Chortling filled the air as my 1-year-old ran towards the water, only to be scooped up by her uncle on the nearly empty beach in Pacifica, California. It was the day after Christmas, and she’d been running around the beach for at least half an hour with my brother and sister. The […]

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