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4 People share what life is like in ulcerative colitis remission

Posted: May 18 2021

By Korin Miller Most people use medications to stop inflammation in the large intestine. (Sometimes, people have surgery to remove their colon and rectum when medications don’t work.) Reducing your symptoms and achieving ulcerative colitis remission isn’t always easy, and some people need to go through several prescriptions before they find what works for them. Below, we asked […]

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5 Common mistakes that can make ulcerative colitis worse

Posted: May 10 2021

By Meghan Rabbitt When you live with ulcerative colitis (UC), you know that symptoms can return even if you’ve been in remission—and even if you’re doing everything you can to avoid a flare. Yet there are a number of missteps you might not even realize you’re making that can worsen your condition, says Matilda Hagan, M.D., co-director for […]

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IBD therapies not linked with adverse pregnancy outcomes

Posted: December 22 2020

Click for Video Link She said they found no association between biologic, thiopurine or combination therapy and adverse outcomes at birth or within the first year of life. Additionally, she said physicians should continue providing IBD medication throughout pregnancy.

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Why don’t we take mental pain as seriously as we take physical pain?

Posted: December 14 2020

By Mark D Rego One of the first patients I saw in medical school was an elderly man dying of metastatic colon cancer, which had spread to his bones and was excruciatingly painful. I was shocked and heartbroken when I saw him beg the doctor for more pain medicine than the modest doses he was […]

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