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How diet influences gut bacteria and inflammation

Posted: May 4 2021

By Robby Berman According to the authors of the new study, the gut microbiome influences the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory responses in our digestive system and throughout our immune system. When an imbalance occurs, it might influence a diverse range of inflammatory-mediated conditions, such as: heart disease inflammatory bowel disease systemic lupus erythematosus rheumatoid arthritis Certain bacteria are […]

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The microbiome & gut health in the time of COVID

Posted: December 2 2020

Video here. Leading the way in researching, and educating through their popular course “Clinical Applications of Microbiota,” join Georgetown faculty experts for a discussion examining the dynamic relationship between the microbiota and disease expression, particularly in relation to gut health and the novel coronavirus. This discussion features: Moderator: Douglas Varner, MS, MLS, Assistant Dean for […]

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