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Why spending time around other living things positively affects your health

Posted: February 9 2021

By Markham Heid. How our environments rub off on us, sometimes literally Since 1989, when an American immunologist named David Strachan first introduced it, the “hygiene hypothesis” has gained attention and momentum. In its original form, the hypothesis held that early childhood exposure to germs — meaning infection- or illness-causing microbes — could protect people from […]

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Gut mi­cro­bi­ota re­veals whether drug ther­apies work in in­flam­mat­ory bowel dis­eases

Posted: January 28 2021

The prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases has significantly increased both in Finland and globally. These disorders cannot be entirely cured. Instead, they are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and, at times, through surgery. If conventional drug therapies based on anti-inflammatory drugs are ineffective, the diseases can be treated using infliximab, a biological TNF-α blocker that is […]

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