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Student with stoma accused of taking drugs

A student who was accused of taking drugs while using a disabled toilet at a pub is calling for better awareness of invisible disabilities.

Amber Davies, 21, from Builth Wells, has a stoma after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis aged 13.

While on a night out in Birmingham, she was “grabbed” by a bouncer after coming out of the disabled toilet.

Wetherspoons said staff apologised for the “confusing situation”.

Amber posted an open letter on her Instagram account detailing her experience, saying the door staff “very happily and very openly accused me of snorting, dealing and having sex in the disabled toilet for ‘there is no other reason I would need to visit it so often'”.

“I got grabbed by a female bouncer and my boyfriend by a male bouncer, we were accused of using them [the disabled toilet] for the wrong reasons,” Amber told the BBC.

“She [the bouncer] was quite reluctant to listen to my side of the story, I said it bluntly and I didn’t raise my voice once.”

Despite gaining access to the locked disabled toilet using a radar key, staff “kept shouting” and her boyfriend, who had gone in the toilet with her, was taken outside.

“I was upset at the time, we hadn’t done anything wrong, I spoke well considering. I was more annoyed that people were allowed to behave that way,” she added.

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Posted on: September 11 2019

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