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Living with ulcerative colitis: turning Points

Four people share how they navigate all aspects of life while living with ulcerative colitis.

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Patient turned Counselor

Six months into her marriage, Jennifer Martin’s new life started to fall apart. She began having serious digestive problems. She had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but this was worse than anything she had ever experienced.

A Life-Changing Race

It took Mary Beth Szydlowski a long time to go public with her diagnoses of ulcerative colitis. That happened only four years ago when she decided to run a half marathon.

Taking Back Control

Matt Robinson felt like he was at the end of his rope. He and his wife, Michelle, and their toddler son and infant daughter had just moved to Washington D.C. from Indiana so he could begin a promising government job. But his health was rapidly deteriorating because of his ulcerative colitis.

Finding a Voice

After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 13, Marisa Troy started living a double life. There was the Marisa who seemed healthy and did fun things with her friends. But there was also the Marisa that none of them new about, the one who would undergo 14 different surgeries to treat her UC.

Posted on: January 21 2020

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