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Dancer wrongly diagnosed with anorexia when her weight plummeted

Natalie-Amber Freegard was just 'hours away from dying' when she was taken in an ambulance, after collapsing at home and temporarily losing her sight.

A professional model and dancer has today told how it took doctors seven years to diagnose her with Crohn’s disease.

Natalie-Amber Freegard, of Swindon, began suffering symptoms of the agonising digestive condition when she was 17.

Doctors repeatedly dismissed her stomach pains and extreme weight loss, which saw her plummet to just five stone, as anorexia.

It was only when her life was hanging in the balance and she was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery that surgeons revealed she had Crohn’s.

Doctors found she had sepsis, when the body attacks its own organs in response to an infection. She believes it was responsible for her sight problem.

Miss Freegard pulled through the operation, despite her family being told to prepare for the worst. However, she was left with a stoma bag.

Recalling her ordeal in December 2017, Miss Freegard said: ‘The whole experience was terrifying. I was told I had developed sepsis and my kidneys were failing.

‘Doctors warned me that I was just hours away from dying if I didn’t consent to an emergency operation to save my life.’

Miss Freegard added: ‘For seven years my condition went undiagnosed.’ Crohn’s can weaken the immune system and make a sufferer more susceptible to infection.

Miss Freegard has now began working with a personal trainer to regain her strength, so she can return to dancing and modelling.

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Posted on: April 13 2019

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