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Dancer reveals battle with Crohn’s disease

Amy Dowden has revealed that she's been hiding a secret battle with Crohn's disease, speaking out for the first time so she could help others suffering with the illness.

Amy Dowden shot to fame when she joined the Strictly Come Dancing professional line-up two years ago. She doesn’t ‘want any sympathy’, emphasising that her condition doesn’t ‘define’ her.

Opening up on why she chose to keep her condition from the Strictly crew, she said: ‘When I got my job on Strictly Come Dancing, I didn’t want to be known as ‘Amy with Crohn’s’. I wanted to establish myself as ‘Amy the dancer’ first. But I’ve done two seasons on the show now, and I think it’s important to speak out.’

She continued: ‘It will be a relief that people will finally know, but I don’t want any sympathy. It doesn’t define me, it’s just part of me, and I want this to be a positive story.’

While Amy carries on the most part carries on with her day-to-day life like normal, there have been incidents where Chron’s has impacted on her career – but the defiant performer won’t let that stop her from doing what she loves.

The pro dancer recalled an incident last week during her tour on Here Come The Girls, in which she was throwing up between the dances.

She explained: ‘The theatre wanted to call an ambulance. But the performance must go on. I come out and put a smile on my face. It won’t stop me.’

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Posted on: May 14 2019

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