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Crohn’s disease sufferer recovering from burst bowel is now a champion weightlifter

Manny Singh Tura lost nearly half of his body weight during a crippling bout of Crohn's disease and transformed himself into a bodybuilder in just eight months.

Manny Singh Tura, 27, weighing only seven-and-a-half stone (48kg) to begin with, shed three stone (19kg) in just two months after his bowel burst in December 2016.

He had a foot-long (30cm) section of his bowel removed and needed an ileostomy bag for months, but has since returned to health and broken a regional weightlifting record.

‘It was sad looking at my body because I had never been this thin. I’ve always been small but this was completely different.’

Formerly a fan of fizzy drinks, hot dogs and processed foods, Mr Tura realised he needed to make big changes to his diet to become healthy again. Thanks to a friend who snuck meals into the hospital for him, he managed to recover from being ‘like a skeleton’ and claims he gained a kilogram per day before being discharged.

In May 2017, he had surgery to repair his small intestine and get rid of the bag, and began his journey to becoming a champion bodybuilder.

In January 2018, eight months after the life-changing operation, he broke the Yorkshire and Northeast dead-lift record for his weight class.

Weighing 53.6kg he lifted 180kg – nearly three times his own bodyweight.

‘I admired bodybuilders so I made a promise to myself I would gain weight and be strong again,’ Mr Tura said. ‘I did it in less than a year.

‘Winning and breaking a record made me feel like I had independence over my body again.’

Mr Tura credits the diet change for his incredible transformation.

‘I went from having three meals a day to five,’ he said. ‘My new strict diet helped me gain weight – I gained like 1kg a day.

‘One friend would make me mackerel, sardines and prawns every single night and each morning he would visit me in the hospital to drop off the food.

‘I had a hotplate for me to warm food a friend snuck in, I’d use it when doctors and nurses weren’t around, and had a can of air freshener to hide the smell of fish.

‘When I got home, I still had to tube-feed but I was more aware of what I was putting in my body.’

He still suffers from Crohn’s disease but says his new lifestyle helps him keep it under control – he goes to the gym at least five times a week and always eats healthily.

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Posted on: January 31 2019

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