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Corticosteroid use excessive in IBD

Almost 15 percent of patients with inflammatory bowel disease showed evidence of excessive steroid use or dependency, and in half of these cases this excess was potentially avoidable

Corticosteroids are effective induction agents in inflammatory bowel disease but have no role in maintenance, and prolonged exposure can lead to a range of morbidities. Patient organizations have suggested that steroid free remission should be a key therapeutic target in inflammatory bowel disease, but corticosteroids remain a mainstay of treatment for this condition. Researchers previously showed that a number of service and patient level factors independently correlated with the risk of excess steroid exposure. Subsequently, centers participating in the trial undertook a series of measures, as part of a quality improvement program, to reduce steroid use and its associated side effects.

Read full article by Katie Robinson here.

Posted on: November 7 2019

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