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Public toilets letting us down

Posted: June 4 2019

In his 1937 essay What is a City?, historian, sociologist and architecture critic Lewis Mumford described the city as a theatre — a space in which the social drama of urban life could play out. It’s unlikely he envisioned the daily drama of parents with young children, the sick, and the weak-of-bladder looking in vain […]

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Developing an evidence-based online travel resource for inflammatory bowel disease

By Kay Greveson

Individuals travelling with IBD were found to have a greater risk of travel related morbidity, linked to a lack of pre-travel preparation involving medicinal advice and insurance coverage. The study found that 62% of participants reported IBD-affected travel, however only 23% enquired medical advice from a health practitioner prior to travel. Further to this, 50% […]

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