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Cannabis easing their chronic pain. Now their father is facing jail

Sisters Morgan and Ariel are facing a bleak future with Crohn's disease after treatment causes severe side effects.

After years watching his daughters Morgan and Ariel suffer from the chronic auto-immune disease Crohn’s, Stephen Taylor decided to research medical cannabis.

“A couple of times there I carried Morgan into hospital weighing around 32 kilograms — actually carrying her in my arms and crying.”

Morgan, 21, and Ariel, 25, have both been repeatedly hospitalised because of Crohn’s.

“I kind of say that I’m not living anymore, I’m just surviving and that’s what’s really hard,” Morgan said.

The side-effects of traditional drugs were severe.

“I got really bad arthritis … my knees were swollen and I couldn’t walk some days,” she said.

Ariel nearly died from haemorrhaging.

“I was so sick I wasn’t able to eat … I was in constant pain,” she recalled.

“It was pretty intense.”

They started taking the cannabis juice, with remarkable results.

“Morgan, I honestly believe, went into remission,” Mr Taylor said.

“It was really within a month, and I was exercising and I gained weight, I got up to 50 kilos,” Morgan said.

“It just felt incredible.”

For now, Morgan Taylor just has to wait — for medical help and her father’s court case.

“I don’t really have many options left, because a lot of the medications I’ve tried haven’t worked for me, they’ve come with very serious side-effects,” she said.

“So it’s pretty scary to think about long term and how I’m going to manage my disease.”

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Posted on: December 12 2018

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