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Breakthrough Australian device brings hope to Crohn’s disease sufferers

A new electrical device that could “calm inflammation in the gut” will be tested in humans for the first time by Australian scientists.

Researchers at Victoria’s Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and the Bionics Institute have developed a gut electrode – a tiny implant that electrically stimulates the vagus nerve, a superhighway running between the gut and brain.

It is hoped that the trial could one day lead to a cure for Crohn’s disease – a type of IBD that can be managed through lifestyle changes, strong medications, and in severe cases, surgery.

“We are harnessing the ability of the nervous system to control the immune system. It’s a powerful and relatively new concept,” Dr Stebbing told The New Daily. 

The first patients will be implanted with the device at Austin Hospital as part of a small clinical trial initially designed to test the safety, and later the effectiveness, of the new technology.

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Posted on: March 27 2019

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It sounds remarkable! Our eldest son has severe Chrones, 1% of population have this severity. Currently on trial with Humira at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne I forwarded this to him.

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