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Crohn’s & Colitis
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What diet is most likely to help ease Crohn’s disease?

Posted: June 17 2021

By Cara Murez The study evaluated one of the commonly used diets for Crohn’s disease, known as the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD), comparing it with the Mediterranean diet, which is sometimes recommended by doctors for its heart health benefits, but not for inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s. The scientists found that both diets reduced symptoms […]

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Study finds COVID-19 vaccines safe for IBD patients

Posted: June 15 2021

Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) do not appear to have increased risk of side effects from the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, according to a recent Cedars-Sinai study published online and upcoming in print in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. In fact, those being treated with advanced immune-modifying therapies may experience them less often than the general population. IBDs, […]

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‘Good’ bacteria show promise for clinical treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

Posted: June 7 2021

A new study published in Nature Communications demonstrates that a consortium of bacteria designed to complement missing or underrepresented functions in the imbalanced microbiome of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients, prevented and treated chronic immune-mediated colitis in humanized mouse models. The study’s senior author, Balfour Sartor, MD, Midget Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Co-Director of the UNC Multidisciplinary […]

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Personal Story

Embarrassment over illness led to blood transfusions and urgent surgery

Posted: June 3 2021

By James Gould John Davidson’s symptoms became so bad that he was bleeding in the bathroom 20 or so times a day – and now the 24-year-old man has asked people in a similar situation to head for medical advice as soon as they can. John was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was just […]

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Riders to dress in purple for Crohn’s

Posted: May 26 2021

The Beginner Show fundraiser on Sunday, 23 May will line up with Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Month to raise funds for the Crohn’s & Colitis Australia (CCA). The club will be raising awareness for the disease as well as much-needed funds -20 per cent of the show profits and 10 per cent of sales on […]

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Engineered organism could diagnose Crohn’s disease flareups

Bioengineers create pH-sensing gut bacteria to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease.

By Jade Boyd In an important step toward the clinical application of synthetic biology, Rice University researchers have engineered a bacterium with the necessary capabilities for diagnosing a human disease. The engineered strain of the gut bacteria E. coli senses pH and glows when it encounters acidosis, an acidic condition that often occurs during flareups […]

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Tips for coping with IBD fatigue

Posted: May 24 2021

By Alexa Federico Symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can vary quite a bit, from typical gastrointestinal (GI) pains to joint pain. One of the most commonly experienced symptoms is fatigue. Many people will still experience fatigue even when their GI symptoms are in remission. This level of fatigue makes it difficult to keep up with a […]

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A gut feeling

Scientists link genetic makeup of bacteria in the human gut to several human diseases.

By Jen A. Miller We are truly never alone, not even within our own bodies. Human beings play host to trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms that make up the human microbiome. In recent years, the mix of these resident bacteria, and the presence of specific bacterial species, has been linked to conditions ranging […]

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What 2,000-year-old poo says about our gut bugs

Posted: May 19 2021

By science reporter Gemma Conroy Many of us spend more time sitting than moving, and we are more likely to reach for a highly processed snack than a stick of celery.  And it turns out our poo has also changed. A new study has found that our gut bugs are vastly different from those that inhabited our hunter-gatherer […]

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