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Are your gut feelings controlling your mood?

Posted: June 28 2018

Many of us are painfully aware of the feeling of a “gut-wrenching” experience, or having “butterflies in your stomach”, so it comes as no surprise that our emotions and thoughts affect our digestion. Interestingly though, the gut has a larger role to play in our mental-emotional state than we might have realized. Research is still […]

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Call for better diagnosis during Crohn’s and Colitis awareness month

Posted: May 4 2018

Getting a solid diagnosis was a long time coming for Ann Turnbull, 39, of Grays Point. Born with an abnormal bowel, she had surgery shortly after birth, and was in and out of hospital as a child.  Doctors told her she has an eating disorder at age 17 because she lost a lot of weight. […]

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The bugs responsible for Crohn’s disease

By Paul Bertrand

A study published today in the journal Cell Host & Microbe reveals that the make up of a person’s gut bacteria changes when they develop Crohn’s disease.

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